Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inside boiler piping

Another view

Above is piping in my basement, the 2 with the elbows to pex is my return lines to bottom of the tanks.The tee to pex is my tank charge lines, the 2 elbows on the tank are going to be my tank to pump for my circulation to my HX and sidearm.

This is my insulated pex coming into the basement hooked to my supply and return. The one with the wye strainer is return. The brass ball valve pointing up will be my fill valve. I also have fittings installed for piping to expansion tanks and risers for bleeding off air.

As you can see nothing is finished yet and has not been tested but it gives you and idea of what it all looks like.

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Unknown said...

Great post. You did some excellent work. I recently just put in a new Wood Boiler. I stumbled across your blog while looking for pictures to install my boiler. Real good work here!