Saturday, December 27, 2008

Detailed piping

Inside the basement

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eko install

I wanted to creat a blog to help others with their EKO install. When I bought this unit I was pumped because I could say good bye to the gas man. I spent countless hours on the website reading and asking other people questions. I went up north to a guy named Les(aka leaddog) house and spent the day with him discussing how to install this boiler I bought. When I left there I was so confused because of all the different ways to install this boiler. Ove the next few months I secured two 500 gal lp tanks for storage, I cleaned them out and welded in fittings for my future piping. Then came moving them into the basement, with some great help from my wife we delivered them to their new home in our basement. Thank god I built our walkout with a 8' doorwall, I was thinking I will build it big enough to move a gun safe in not 2 lp tanks. I then started the plumbing on the back of the EKO 60 I plumbed it with Inch and a half black pipe with 140deg danfoss valve for cold water return protection. I also installed a bypass to the danfoss valve incase I had to leave town and needed to cycle water to keep the boiler from freezing in the pole barn. I also trenched 140 feet of logstor dual 1 inch insulated pex line from my barn to the house.

Monday, November 10, 2008

EKO 60 pics of piping

Above is a picture of my insulated pex coming up thru the floor. Also my taco 010 pump and my bypass for the danfoss valve.

Another view

Here is a better picture of the danfoss bypass in case I have to leave town and flow water thru the whole system to prevent freezing.

Here is a picture of my boiler supply all inch and a half black pipe. I have a temp/pressure gauge to pressure relief valve to a Vortec air separator with a expansion tank below. The down pipe you see is my boiler protection return to a 140 deg Danfoss valve.

Storage tank into the basement

Tanks in place
Inside the basement

Tank on rollers in basement

Moving tanks with my Branson 3510

Here are a few pics of the tanks finding their new home in the basement.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inside boiler piping

Another view

Above is piping in my basement, the 2 with the elbows to pex is my return lines to bottom of the tanks.The tee to pex is my tank charge lines, the 2 elbows on the tank are going to be my tank to pump for my circulation to my HX and sidearm.

This is my insulated pex coming into the basement hooked to my supply and return. The one with the wye strainer is return. The brass ball valve pointing up will be my fill valve. I also have fittings installed for piping to expansion tanks and risers for bleeding off air.

As you can see nothing is finished yet and has not been tested but it gives you and idea of what it all looks like.